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Why to buy sex toys?

by Mubarak Bello on July 22, 2019

The statement that sex shops are mainly intended for perverts and prostitutes is no longer relevant. According to sex shop statistics, about 80% of their customers are experienced couples. This is not surprising: lovers and newlyweds already have enough thrills. But over the years, passion can be reborn into a “marital debt” even in the most solid and happy marriage, if you do not make an effort to diversify your sex life. Including with the help of what is sold in sex shops.

What is so interesting and useful you can buy in sex shops? Those who did not have to be interested in these institutions will most likely be able to name only vibrators and rubber women. However, the range of sec-shops is much richer and more interesting!
Dildos and vibrators.

Most people are convinced that these artificial members on batteries and without are intended solely to replace men for single women or wives of sea captains. But it is not so! Dildos and vibrators can be successfully used in love games with my husband: guided by the principle “one is good and two is better”, with the help of this device, the husband can give you pleasure simultaneously in two ways - for example, oral and vaginal, or anal and vaginal.

Penis attachments are lengthening, prolonging an erection (in the form of a ring), intended for additional stimulation of various zones - for example, points G. Nozzles are designed for “advanced users”, since their use requires some practice.
Clitoral and anal stimulants

As you know, not all women can experience a vaginal orgasm, and to get a clitoral orgasm during normal intercourse without additional stimulation is almost impossible. The most famous clitoral stimulator - “butterfly”, attached to the body on the straps, there are also stimulating lining on the clitoris and attachments to the vibrator or the penis. Anal stimulants are designed for lovers of anal sex, to get double the pleasure.
Condoms and lubricants (lubricants)

These items, like any chemistry, are best bought at the pharmacy, and in the sex shop they should be bought with caution, checking the manufacturer, certificates and expiration date - because it is fraught with allergies and unplanned pregnancies. Condoms here you can buy all shapes, colors, tastes and smells, and lubricants - a variety of properties. Lubricants are also necessary when using many sex toys - the same dildos and attachments.

Aphrodisiacs (nutritional supplements, essential oils, pheromone perfumes)

These are food supplements and perfume compositions that stimulate and enhance sexual desire. Food additives should be taken carefully, but why not try oils and perfumes? Just not to work!
Toys for BDSM

A variety of masks, clips, belts, handcuffs, lashes can be used not only by extremals, but also by ordinary pairs. For example, toy handcuffs covered with pink fur are a very popular and pleasant-looking thing. There is nothing wrong with a mask either. Why not use them in role-playing games?

Lingerie and erotic costumes for role-playing games

In a good sex shop there is usually a large selection of not only classic seductive lingerie (panties, bras, stockings, combinations, corsets, body), but also costumes for role-playing games - a nurse, a stewardess, a maid, a schoolgirl and others. They are expensive, but the effect is amazing!

It is best to go carefully to the sex shop to carefully study the assortment in any similar online store or joint venture, in order to imagine what might interest you, what forms, types and from what materials it is. And already with the knowledge to choose "live".


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